I will have to start this by saying this is probably the only thing I disagree with on the Libertarian platform. Most libertarians look at it as a bad thing but I disagree and I will tell you why. When you look at the world today you see the results of governments and politicians doing what is best for them and not what is best for their citizens. America was going down a dangerous path towards socialism and the collapse of the free market. The European Union was unfairly exploiting their wealthier nations, while those that didn’t contribute much were allowed to continue with their entitlements even after their systems had bankrupted and collapsed. Even after the collapse Greece, and Spain did not let go of their entitlements, so other nations had to pay for it. The UK was paying an unfair price for it and the open boarders of the EU allowed migrants to flood in, and in many cases they were taking up social program dollars while not being employed do to an already shortage of jobs. The French have been ravaged with terrorism brought in by the same open border policy. The saving grace? Nationalism. Nationalism has already set the Brits free from the EU with brexit. The British can now focus what is best for their citizens instead of going with some globalist agenda of what is politically correct at the behest of it citizens. The truth is what is best for the UK may not be the best for the rest of Europe. For me pride in ones nation is not hatred for those that are not but simply wanting what is best for your country and countrymen and it is politicians job to do what is best for their citizens. That is why in many ways Nationalism will save many of these countries from poor policies and government corruption. I do not believe Donald Trump was the best choice for president but he was the result of 16 years of poor policies and politicians ignoring their constituents. He was able to strike a cord with the average american in a way no politician has in a long time. His America first thought process is what many people were looking for. Trump may not be the best vessel but he has brought back a national pride that I believe will help America return to being the lone super power. With Trump in mind I do not see France far behind. Marine Le Pen is in many ways the savor France needs. For years the EU immigration policy has allowed radical Muslims to come to France. Evidence by the alarming number of terrorist acts over the last decade, and it shows no signs of stopping. She will lead them out of EU and will thus be able to control their own policy on immigration and maybe save the lives of some frenchman that died unnecessarily. Nationalism is not based on racism, xenophobia or some misguided notion of superiority, but rather just the simple fact that in this world we must do best for ourselves. Its the same priciple that I use in the federal context, as in many cases I believe that individual states know what is better for their citizens than the Federal Government. So be proud of who you are and where you come from, it doesn’t define you but it is a part of you.


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