This has been on my mind all day. Earlier my father and I had a conversation that lead me to believe that entitlement is a problem that is decaying the very foundation of this nation. The conversation began with a rather odd situation that he was describing. He began with telling me about an older gentleman that was telling him he had purchased some furniture for his daughter, who is over thirty and a professional. The truth is this generation has become the generation of entitlement. Every where you look you cannot escape this fact. Kids are given iphones, high end name brand clothes and even cars sometimes without even a single hour worked. Where I went to high school was an affluent area and I could recall some parents that had purchased their children brand new Mercedes without these kids even working an hour. What kind of precedent does that set? Many of those kids have not succeeded in their venture outside of their parents homes. By giving them everything that they desire the parents are diluting the value of hard work and independence, which are the principles that this nation was founded on, and the bedrock of successful adults. These kids have grown up expecting everything to be given to them with minimal work and that is not the reality of the world. So these kids enter the world, college etc. and they want everything to be as easy as possible. Not only do they want it to be as easy as possible but they have been coddled and given trophies for “participating.” Combining the handouts and the “you tried really hard” pats on the back, you have a generation that is terrified of failure and believes that the world owes them for just being there. This is part of the reason why the youth of this generation has run to socialism and even communism. Just look at the youth numbers that supported a horrendous failure in obamacare, and even after seeing how poorly the affordable healthcare act was working, still wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders. It is my honest belief that if I gave them the question of; “If the government provided healthcare, housing, transportation and food, would you give up some of your constitutional rights?” I think most of them would say yes. That mentality is against the very foundation that this country was built on. The founding fathers risks their lives, along with the lives of their family for one thing; the freedom to live their lives as they see fit and not the way the government says it has to be. Anything the government gives to you can be easily taken away, and by taking anything from them they own you. Why give into it? Dictate your own life, live your own life. I truly believe that it is better to go out and forge your own path and fail, then to have someone just give it to you. In the case of government, if you take from them they own you. They will control you, or at least try. As the course as history shows, many governments that have started off with good intentions have turned and done great harm to their citizens. The greatest atrocities of human history have been caused by government. They are faceless and every changing, and unlike individuals they are generally unaccountable. To me I will always value the citizen, the individual over the state. Like I was saying governments are fluid depending on who has power. You can have great leadership and a peaceful nation at one point and a brutal dictatorship just a short time after. This is why government should always be checked, and as small as possible. Conservatives and libertarians have their work cut out for them as far as winning over this generation, that believes the government can solve all their problems. Just remember government does not solve problems, but rather creates them.


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