Taxation is Theft: IRS and the 16th Amendment

Following along protocol this post will be about the  huge and unjust tax code in the United States. Lets begin with the moral argument; income tax is theft. There is no reason why any party that is not directly involved in a transaction should benefit, period. It is taking unjustly the fruits of ones labor, without consent. The Constitution is one of the greatest documents written in the history of mankind, it gives freedoms that were previously unheard of in most of the world. Even today there are many nations that wish they had the freedom that the constitution gives to the citizens of the United States. With that in mind the 16th Amendment is a perversion on an otherwise great document. With the creation of the IRS and an ever growing tax code, income tax only punishes those that wish to grab hold of the American dream. The more you make the more they take. Its a system that is counter intuitive, why punish those that do well? You should be rewarded for thinking outside the box and working hard. Instead those that do are punished with theft while there are those that do not have the drive to do the same get off with paying nothing. If there is going to be a tax system it should be on that is fair all the way around. The only fair system would be one based solely on consumption. Instead of punishing those that do well, everybody pays the same and those that consume more pay but no one gets off with paying nothing. Besides the 16th amendment the creation of the IRS to ensure the collection of these income taxes has become the very example of what happens when the government is given too much power. You don’t have to look very far to see how the entity has grown too much. The current tax code is over 70,000 pages long, and in the words of Tacitus “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Why is it necessary to have 70,000 pages on collection of taxes? A new form of slavery. Laws create criminals, and criminals lose many of their rights. Its almost as if they wish to create as many criminals as possible in order to control the population. For this very reason it would be in the best interest of liberty to abolish the IRS and repel the 16th amendment.



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