Lets get rid of Government theft (civil asset forfeiture and eminent domain)

There has been a lot of talk the past few days about civil asset forfeiture. The idea was that it gives police the ability to cripple large enterprises by taking away their ability to move assets, mainly cash. As with any power that is granted to a largely faceless government entity the power has been abusing and is now affecting many citizens in their daily lives.   It is a clear violation both the fourth and fifth amendments. It gives them the right to take and even sell your property with out being convicted of any crime. The constitution has to be upheld in order for this country to prosper. With that being said our President defended the practice and bad mouthed Texas State Senator Konni Burton over her wanting to require a conviction. While I am a Libertarian and for the most part have agreed with most of what Donald Trump has done to this point; this is an egregious violation of US citizens rights. I will post a few links at the bottom to some of the various examples of the government abusing this power. Eminent domain is the same in many ways, as it forcefully takes one private property for the “greater good.” Now at least the victim is given compensation for the theft of their property in this situation at “fair market value.” Most of the time it is above the going market price of comparable lots, but who says that it is the fair value to the individual? The property that is being stolen could have sentimental value or family history in which they do not wish to part with. The government shouldn’t have the ability to strip citizens of their legal property because it will “benefit the greater good.” I will say the first problem with this theory is who decides what is the greater good? That power is rather vague, and if it is the government that gets to decide then that is a huge conflict of interest. All it would take is one corrupt politician to decide that a something is to benefit the greater good and line his and his friends pockets with cash while stripping an asset from a citizen. This power should be abolished along with civil asset forfeiture and should be done quickly. Now if only we had a few politicians that were truly for freedom and liberty to go to work on it.







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